Virtual Office Stewardship and Remote Work Policy

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doing business as Maven Hemp (the Company)

1. Policy Brief and Purpose

Our Virtual Office and Remote Work policy outlines our guidelines for employees who work from a location other than our offices. We want to ensure that employees, our company and overall stakeholders will benefit from these arrangements. Maven Hemp is committed to realizing “Triple Bottom Line” – economic, social and environmental outcomes. Maven Hemp is dedicated to realizing scientifically-supported wellness outcomes, and as such we are implementing environmentally sustainable operations across our manufacturing, distribution, business development, local and remote office locations.

2. Scope

This policy applies to employees whose work takes place at a location that is not at our offices.

3. Environmental Stewardship

Maven Hemp encourages the use of environmentally preferred products, such as low or non-VOC paints, non-toxic cleaners, waste-free office supplies, FSC-certified paper products, and practices such as recycling and composting.
The Company provides all employees with:

  • Local sources of environmentally preferred products that are relevant to the geographical area where employees operate from during periods of remote work.
  • Locally-relevant guidelines for the safe disposal of electronic waste and hazardous materials.
  • Guidelines for environmentally-friendly home office practices, including recycling, composting, upcycling.

4. Electronic Waste

4.1. We aim to meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility and waste management in all aspects of our operations. Due to the use of electronic equipment during our daily operations, we recognize the need of handling “e-waste” disposal in a responsible manner in line with global and local regulations, best practices and standards. As such, all employees will be provided with information related to e-waste disposal regulations, requirements and procedures that are relevant to their location of work. The Company expects that all employees will follow standards and procedures in alignment with the information provided to them related to e-waste disposal. Our Company Policy on E-Waste

4.2. We request that all of our employees working from virtual offices, remote locations, and home offices, ensure to dispose of all of their e-waste with a local recycling provider in accordance with environmental best practices. If the electronic equipment you are disposing of or recycling was provided to you by the Company for the purpose of your employment duties, you will need to send us a formal request to proceed with recycling or disposal through an approved service. We will require proof that the equipment was either recycled or disposed of through that specific approved service.

5. Remote Work Considerations

Office-based employees, specifically those not engaged in the location-based manufacturing or product distribution process, may work remotely on a temporary basis as agreed-upon in writing by electronic communication between the Employee and the Company’s CEO.

Electronic communication will also outline team members’ responsibilities as remote employees.

Employees who want to work remotely must submit a request to

To ensure that employee performance remains positive and productive in remote work arrangements, we encourage our remote employees to:

  • Choose a quiet and distraction-free workspace.
  • Maintain an adequate high-speed internet connection.
  • Dedicate their full attention to their job duties during working hours.
  • Organize consistent and predictable schedules, including times for meals and breaks.
  • Ensure their schedules overlap with those of their team members for as long as is necessary to complete their job duties effectively.
  • Team members and managers should determine long-term and short-term goals. They should frequently meet (either online or in-person when possible) to discuss progress and results.

6. Compliance with Policies

Our remote employees must follow our company’s policies like their office-based colleagues. Examples of policies and guidelines that all employees should abide by are:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Privacy Policy
  • Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Stakeholder Engagement Policy
  • Professional Development Policy

7. Equipment

Equipment that we provide is company property. Employees must keep it safe and avoid any misuse. Specifically, employees must:

  • Keep their equipment password protected.
  • Store equipment in a safe and clean space when not in use.
  • Follow all data encryption, protection standards and settings.
  • Refrain from downloading suspicious, unauthorized or illegal software.
  • HR will discuss insurance needs with employees. Employees may have to take up homeowner’s insurance to cover the cost of company equipment. HR may reimburse a portion of the coverage when applicable.

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