We’re on a mission to supply you with unique, impact-driven, regenerative hemp-based products and leading insights.

The hemp and cannabis ecosystem can experience volatility without a strong data-driven foundation. Our team at Maven is acting on a resiliency-focused opportunity to create lasting vitality by:

  • Participating in the standardization of CBD medical treatments for people around the globe by implementing impact data, ESG metrics, and industry-leading research in a holistic and integrative way.
  • Focusing on transparency and a secure chain of custody to substantiate the quality of our products and gain the confidence of our customers.
  • Increasing our growth by making a positive impact on the communities, people and ecological landscape our business influences, while engaging our stakeholders.

Our Team

Zev Barnett

Founder and CEO

Dr. Robin Ely

Medical Advisory Board Member

Dr. Mark Braunstein

Medical Advisory Board Member