Personalized Cannabis is a thing? YES!

Are you an ultra-metabolizer of CBD but an intermediate metabolizer of THC?

Back in the “old days”, cannabis dosage was left to trial and error by the user. Lots and lots of experimentation with varying degrees of success. As even the most casual user of cannabis products knows, every person is different when it comes to tolerance levels and what works best for their particular situation.

The advancement of cannabis science has come a long way, and now anyone can benefit from the healing powers of “personalized cannabis” with a DNA test from EndoDNA, the most comprehensive endocannabinoid DNA test available today.

Len May, CEO and Co-founder of Endo-Canna Health (parent company of EndoDNA) and author of the book Making Cannabis Personal sat down on the podcast BUDDING INTERESTS and spoke with host Zev Barnett (available here: ) and gave the lowdown on this game changing innovation in the cannabis-as-medicine movement.

All a person has to do is go to and either order one of their EndoDNA kits or upload their raw digital DNA report from 23 and Me or to get a free immune function Genetics report.

The EndoDNA test analyzes more than 600,000 SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, pronounced “SNIPS”) related to your endocannabinoid system. These specific SNPs exhibit genetic variations which have been shown in academic research to be associated with specific medical conditions, mental wellness and physical health.

Information gleaned from this report is then used to help you optimize your cannabinoid and CBD experience in a number of ways, including:

  • Learn the most ideal ratios, methods and dosing for your body.
  • Know which terpenes and cannabinoids to see out and which to avoid.
  • Understand any risks or benefits from using cannabinoids for your specific genotype.
  • Identify the specific cannabinoid formulations most aligned with your genetics.

EndoDNA then will make formulation suggestions for your specific genetics as well as provide a product marketplace where you can find Endo-Aligned Trusted formulations and a product geolocator to help you find those products in your area.

Tune into BUDDING INTERESTS to learn more about EndoDNA and how to personalize your cannabis consumption. All BUDDING INTERESTS listeners get 25% off both the full EndoDNA test and raw data uploads. See the podcast description for the discount code.